Droids Milwaukee Prime Winner

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wcweber81 7

Credit to DZ for designing this deck.

Round 1 - Nic EDryden/EPryce (W)- Just tried to control Dryden's dice. He did get off hard bargain twice and got two Planetary Bombardments out but was able to work around the inderect. Plus with the deck not having any mitigation was able to use Chewie's Blaster to full effect every time.

Round 2 - John EGrievous/Aphra/Sentinel (W)- Went after Grievous first and killed him pretty fast. He wasn't able to get out many supports. Only 0-0-0 I believe.

Round 3 - ? EBail/ELor/Anakin (W)- Won the roll off so didn't have to worry about his mill battlefield. Action cheating helped a lot to stay away from mitigation. When he did use it it was No Questions Asked so I would get money in return, and every time he used Lor's PA I would keep giving him back that card. By the end of the game I had three droids with three upgrades a piece on so it was just too many dice at once to mitigate

Round 4 - Rick ESnoke/Mando/Mud (L)- He rolled hot fire this game and R2 was dead round one and I just couldn't keep up after that. He finished 6-0 after swiss

Round 5 - Clare - EPhasma2/EKylo2 (W)- She got really lucky on two Kylo call outs when I only had one yellow card in my hand both times. She got Kylo loaded with redeploy weapons when he had three health left and I had seven damage showing and her with an unactivated Phasma so I switched targets and put it all into Phasma and was then able to kill both the next round.

Round 6 - Darek - EBail/ELor/Anakin (L)- He is actually the person that designed this deck for me. He was able to mill me with only Lor still alive showing one damage. I activated Chopper with Rocket Boosters action and a Salavge Arm and Grappling Arm on him. Hit the three Inderect on boosters and focus on the arm so salvaged it for two focus into seven damage. He then was able to put two shields on Lor and I had one shot to win with 3-P0 with an Ezra Saber, Salvage Arm and Chewie's blaster but rolled zero damage.

4-2 after swiss 4th place going into top 8

Round 1 - Sam - EVader3/FOST (W 2-0) - This was the winner of the Madison prime a few weeks before. I just let Ewok Ambush and R2 disrupt his money to prevent Fear and Dead Men and let Chopper do his thing both games. Vader also really didn't roll much damage so he was forced to take resources to try and get Fist out which he did one game but had no money to resolve.

Round 2 - Rick - ESnoke/Mando/Mud (W 2-0) - Rematch from swiss went a lot better for me. Killed Snoke fast both times and then just tried to handle the unsnokeable dice and upgrades.

Round 3 - Jeff - ESnoke/EKallus/Order 66 (W 2-0) - Pitched hard for Ewok Ambush and Rocket Boosters. Got all three cards both opening hands. Just ambushed into R2 disrupt and cut off his money for Execute in order to get set up on my end. Cheated Boosters to resolve all Chopper's dice every turn and I can say I have never rolled that good before with those dice. Damage and Shields when I needed it. Did the same thing with 3-P0's dice so there was ever only one character die in the pool at a time. Went after Snoke first both times. Game 2 was a lot closer with Chopper dead but R2 was fully loaded with three redeploys and ended up instigating for the win

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Telcontar 15

Congratulations from your Round 5 Kylo Phasma opponent and fellow Pastimes regular! What a great run and a great result! Here's my tournament report if you're interested: swdestinydb.com