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First of all, huge thanks to the folks at Grognard Games for running the event, and to my opponents and all the other players for making it such a fun day.

Before I get to my round by round recap, let me give a little background. Living in northern Illinois, I'm in road trip range for Worlds, so a lot of local players went to that. I knew I couldn't go to Worlds, and I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to make this Prime until the day before, so I never bothered testing the strongest decks and preparing as if I was playing to seriously win. I just kept playing my creative tier 2 decks that I'm known for at local tournies. Stuff like IG-88/Snoke, Daka/Q'ira, etc.

This ewok deck ended up being my strongest deck, so I'd pull it out when playing against people testing their strongest tier 1 decks for those big tournaments. When I found out I might be able to get out of work to attend the Prime, I debated trying to make something better, but I didn't want to start from scratch with something I hadn't played before. I actually brought back Vader to test it with some of the newer cards, since I'd played that a lot and had good luck with it at the Regionals at the beginning of this year. But at the last minute, I decided to just stick to the ewoks for this Prime.

My goal for the tourney was to maybe break 50% and maybe finish in the top 32. When we ended up only having 32 players, I joked that I could go home happy for achieving that goal. I really never expected to come anywhere near the top 8 cut, but I just kept winning the first 4 rounds of Swiss. And it's not like I was playing weak opposition: I only played one person all day who didn't make the top 8, and he even finished 4-2, but didn't make it on tiebreaks, so my strength of schedule must have been the toughest in the entire tournament.

Round 1: Reylo against someone I play against in draft regularly, but I've never seen him at a constructed tourney before. I didn't get Target Acquired, which I felt I really needed in this matchup, so it was an uphill struggle. Eventually won a very close game. 1-0

Round 2: Chopper/Companions. Again, no early Target Acquired. After my opponent claimed first round, I got a lucky reroll on Chirpa, along with a Well-Connected in hand to pay for Strength in Numbers for 5 damage at the end of the round. I followed it up with a 5 damage Rigged Detonation early in round 2, and the damage just overwhelmed him. 2-0

Round 3: Chopper/Companions against a friend of mine who I play constantly at our local store. He disrupted my resources first round, only to be dismayed that my entire opening hand was 0 cost. I think I played Inflict Pain, Hasty Exit, Glider Attack, and something else for free that round. That gave me a good start, and I just kept going through the win. 3-0

Round 4: Leia/Yoda mill. This was the only mill player in the entire tournament, and he kept joking that my deck scared him the most. It turned out that this went every bit as badly as he feared. I just pumped out the damage with my events and activations much faster than he could mill me. 4-0

Round 5: Chopper/companions against a guy I'd never met who finished top 32 at Worlds. We were the only two undefeateds left. I wasn't surprised that he knew how to play it well and beat me. Because I got unlucky in my card draw, it wasn't even a close loss. 4-1

Round 6: Han/companions. This is against one of the guys I play every week, who also happens to be last year's Chicago Regional Champion, and also finished top 32 at Worlds with this deck. Not surprisingly, he played well and beat me, but at least it was closer than my round 5 game. 4-2

That was the end of Swiss, and I was 5th place, ahead of everyone else who went 4-2, due to my strength of schedule. Only my round 1 opponent didn't make the top 8, and even he finished 11th with a 4-2 record.

Top 8: Best of 3 rematch against my round 3 opponent. Oddly, these were the first games all day when I actually drew and played Target Acquired early enough to matter. Unfortunately, I kept having bad luck on finding my damage cards after round 1, so I couldn't finish him off. I lost the first game, barely squeaked out the second game, then lost again in the third game.

So the versions of ewoks that include a couple of cheap vehicles to use with Across The Galaxy or Shortcut to get the damage dealing battlefield would have made the difference in some of those close losses (game 6 and the top cut games). Like I said, this was never meant to be an uber-optimized competitive deck. I'm just shocked that I made it as far as I did.

Even more surprising is that only 4 people in the tourney were playing R2/3PO, and I played all 4 of them. There were people playing other top meta decks like 4-LOM, Aphra, etc, but I never faced any of them.

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