MEGA CONTROL TROOPER (8-0) - you lose cards & Dice + I rerol

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Vergas 180

Best starting hand : Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid + Déjà Vu or at least déjà Vu & Logistics

Captain Phasma - Stormtrooper Commander power action + Vandalize = bye bye Megatrooper, Vader's Fist or Ships :)

Déjà Vu + Logistics = 4 resources (with 2 resources dice)

Déjà Vu + Probe = opponent lose 4 cards (Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid will help you with the specail),

Déjà Vu + A sinister place, By Any Means, Doubt, Measure for Measure, Rout = mega control

Déjà Vu + Target Practice = I reroll 4 times!!!

Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid is a source of stress because the special remove an opponent card = bye bye Megatrooper, Vader's Fist or Ships :)

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Datrixzero 32

are you running military camp just for the reroll? wouldn't salt flats be better?

Vergas 180

I don't want to give it to the opponent :(

SirJoe 3

Hey what do you thinkof taking out the batton and put in Intense Fire ? Since you have a good chance to have more red cards in play, with the plot so even obe resolution is killer but 2 of deja vu its game braiking.

And have you testet instead of the officer Conscript Squad ? Nice deck will try it out, also a fan of new phasma and will play her.

Vergas 180

It took me a lot of courage to take out intense fire, it's an amazing card but I need control (my kind of play) - I'm still trying to chose between Conscript squad & Quicksilver baton (you are right, that's an amazing card!!!)

Dice of Failure 657

Have you thought about Rancorous? That's a nice 1-for-1 more often than not.

Vergas 180

amazing idea - I take it right now thanks!!!

SirJoe 3

yesterday I tested against eplap3 and after mid game i got lost he got 2 resolves of bacta :(

artyzipp 1

Sir Joe, that is what probe/dejavu is for!