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DJStormtrooper 327

This won a 10-person event in Plano, Texas on 4/13/19. Felt like a really strong build for trilogies.

Wanted seemed like a suspect include when I made it but ended up being a good investment. Getting 2-4 resources on turn 2 or 3 supercharged the ramp and got me to the endgame. It also made sure I kept control of all my Fickle Mercenaries.

Sentinel Messenger is a superstar. He grabbed me a choice card every round of every game.

I honestly feel like this build could compete with Snoke - Supreme Leader, Watto - Stubborn Gambler, First Order Stormtrooper in standard.

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jones0610 2

It's going to be even nastier when hired muscle drops to replace the v-wing.

Buffybot 317

Nice deck! Couple of questions: Did you get Megablaster Troopers in play and was Wat still around when it hit? Did your opponents target Watto first, or Wat?

DJStormtrooper 327

Most of the time they targeted Watto. There was one game where I lost Wat and Megablaster went down to 2-die. But I didn’t feel like I necessarily needed an extra leader to compensate.

hybrid269 1

I like it! I have a similar character spread, but the deck is quite different. Where do you guys have tournaments in Plano? My wife and I live in Rowlett and have been looking for a place that's close to play more consistently.

QuiGonJim 13

Wouldn't Starviper be better than V-Wing. Those 2 pay sides would seem to nit feel good.

DJStormtrooper 327

@hybrid269 this was at Boardwalk games. There’s a group that plays there regularly. You can link up with our group here: www.facebook.com

DJStormtrooper 327

@QuiGonJim so I totally misread V-wing and thought it only had to be a Villain die - not a villain VEHICLE die. Will replace it with Hired Muscle when the draft set drops.

hybrid269 1

Ah, ok. Thanks! Yeah, I know the place. I was hoping when you said Plano, it was a bit more east and not actually Addison. That's a bit far for us to make it to regularly. Might try to come out sometime though!