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sleepypaladin 7


Is it possible to make a cool villain control deck? Let's find out! Boneless because Vader lost most of his limbs, Pizza from good old Pizza the Hutt himself, and extra thicc because obviously thicc is the best.


So, you want to play a villain deck but all that straight damage stuff seems boring? Give this a try! This villain combination focuses on energy removal and hand/deck destruction. Hopefully our opponent isn't ready for our hijinks!
[Jabba the Hutt](/card/01020) is hanging around to ensure we roll well, and can provide rerolls to our yellow upgrades should we need it. His dice really are too good to pass up for this deck. [Darth Vader](/card/01010) is around to provide some quick hand annoyance and occasionally pop some damage. He only has one die for point reasons, and because he simply provides a bit of utility. Jabba is definitely our main boi.


[Blackmail](/card/02023) is a bread-and-butter in this deck. Make your opponent cry one way or another with this. Sooner you get it on somebody the better. [Cable Launcher](/card/03021) provides great utility as well, as 5/6 sides provide good stuff for us. [Con Artist](/card/02060) is our mill tool. It is pretty important, but we really don't require both in play at once to end a game. Not as essential for control as Blackmail, but it's one of the only mill mechanics, so keep that in mind. [Force Choke](/card/01013) has good utility and can be used to manipulate those pesky enemy dice. Use [Lure of Power](/card/02016) to increase your hijinks or resource production. [Temptation](/card/03014) either feeds them cards for you to force discard or nets you more resources, which in turn can feed Blackmail or other happy upgrades/supports.


Figuring you will roll many discard dice options, [Dark Presence](/card/02078) really packs a punch in manipulation of opponent dice and can save you in the long run. [Hutt Ties](/card/03085) provides resource kill or dice removal. [Insidious](/card/03076) can be used in conjunction with one of your manips to net a resource if you need it. [Interrogation Droid](/card/02017) provides great util for us if other dice fail, and can provide hand visibility/destruction in a pinch. [My Kind of Scum](/card/01100) is gold and can help bank you some good money if you resolve disrupt successfully. [Stolen Cache](/card/03143) for resource needs.


[Abandon All Hope](/card/01079) for hand/resource destruction. [Buy Out](/card/03080) as a surprise win con if you have lots of money. [Doubt](/card/02080) for survival or shenanigans. [Isolation](/card/01085) for survival. [Manipulate](/card/02073) for survival. [Mind Trick](/card/01147) for another survival, should be good to save you an entire round if done right. [Pulling the Strings](/card/01087) can help with your planning in a future round. [Rend](/card/03150) to get rid of upgrades or supports that manage to sneak through your resource drain. [Scramble](/card/01161) for hijinks.


You should hang on to most residual cards after a round, most of the time you'll have uses for them in later rounds. If you have too many upgrades in hand at the beginning, play what you can and throw the rest away in favor of survival events or supports. Upgrades are good to have, but you don't need an abundance - Jabba already provides a lot of good on his own, and Vader is a good utility tank to annoy them with. Keep Jabba alive, if you get any shields throw them on him. You don't have any deny claim ability so don't expect to go first a lot. Best case scenario, you leave them only one option while you yourself don't have much left to do. They perform their last option and you jump-claim before they can.
I welcome any and all feedback.

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