You get nothing! Good day sir!

Симулятор раздачи карт
Вероятности: 0% – 0% еще
Образована от
Ничего. Это самодельная колода.
Основа для
Еще ничего.

Galomaniak 1

Just control opponent and keep Sabine alive until you have 2 Running Interference and 2 Infamous on board and thermal paint in hand/discard pile.

Then the combo is (you must control the battlefield):

  1. Override any upgrade on Sabine with any upgrade with infamous. Use Running Interference.
  2. Activate Sabine, before activating play Thermal Paint on her, use Infamous on Thermal; Paint. Use Running Interference.
  3. Claim the battlefield and return one upgrade back into your hand.

Now, unless opponent have a card with Action: that can change the board state or plays Jango, he is forced to pass - he cannot:

  1. Play a card from hand - because of first Running Interference.
  2. Activate a character or support - because of second one.
  3. Resolve dice - because there are no dice to resolve.
  4. Discard a card to reroll dice - no dice to reroll.
  5. Use a card action - we assume he doesn't have one.
  6. Claim the battlefield - it's already claimed.
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