EaW Box Tournament Winner: The Hezra-mazing Race

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general_jacobi 139

I'll do a detailed write-up about this later, but for now will just highlight a few things.

I was running 1 of each of the T-47 Airspeeder and Z-95 Headhunter because I'm still trying to figure out which I like better (please comment your thoughts on these). I will note that the pay sides on the Z-95 weren't an issue for me throughout the games. In regards to the T-47, there was never a scenario where I thought that drawing 2 cards would have been more beneficial for me than doing damage (sure, digging for a big vehicle to play with Hera may come up, but I'd almost always prefer to just do the damage).

There's also 1 copy of Negotiate that I put in because I didn't have the second Honor Guard on the day. Negotiate did actually prove it's worth on two occasions though, nabbing Vader and Poe dice, making it hard for me to think about taking it out.

Not running Lead by Example. I don't value speed in this deck, same reason I don't have anything like Partnership in here as well. I think it's better to focus on survivability and consistency over trying to speed up actions. The Maz's Goggles are in here for the extra focus, and only being 1 resource let's me play them and keep another resource ready for either removal or Reckless Reentry/Strategic Planning. (The special on the goggles also managed to grab the opposing Thrawnkar's second Buy Out, which won me the final. I grabbed the first one with Friends in Low Places).

Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief over Rookie Pilot is simple. Another yellow character for Second Chance. His die is also much better. Note: always roll him out first in case you get his special or disrupt, it forces a response from your opponent.

Cards I would consider: Tech Team would save a lot of money in this deck, however I haven't found resources to be such a problem yet.

Cards I'm unsure about: The 2-cost vehicles, though I like just getting them permanently on the BF for the extra damage output (can link with Ezra's +2), and turning on Pinned Down.

Basic strategy is to just stay alive as long as you can. The vehicles will do the rest for you.

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