The Gungans plus...a Jawa? Or two? Or three?

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Based on Steven Wooley's deck "The Gungans" -- 1st place Trilogies 2018 store championship:

Steven's notes: "The Gungans have what it takes. Arena of Death is immense. Abuse Boss Nass, control your opponent's dice, get money, play supports. Catch the full rundown on Team Covenant!"

I built this deck with the release of Covert Missions because I thought it would make the Gungan deck even more annoying for the opponent. I was right! :D Every time the Sandcrawler pooped out a Jawa, adding another weeny character to the board, my opponent made an annoyed sound AND an annoyed face. However, I didn't get a chance to do this too often, because my opponents wised up to this quickly and just prioritized removal of the Sandcrawler die. Ha!

Still fun, though!

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bluemadmunkey 514

Did you consider Chief Chirpa's Hut in your deck?

bluemadmunkey 514


Telcontar 15

@bluemadmunkey - Hm...This deck is not exactly drowning in resources, and it takes quite a few to get a 4 health Ewok onto the board: 1 resource to resolve the special + 3 resources to keep the CC'sH in play--and this is in addition to the 2 resources to put the card on the table. It might be worth it, esp. if you've got more resources than cards in deck to sacrifice for the Sandcrawler's special. Would be worth a try! This deck is just for fun, after all! :D