Tatooine GO Heat 2 Winner: Reprinted Ki-Ani Mundi

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Hipo 71

So I went 6-0 with this proving all of my assumptions about it were true. To quote Elration:

a) mill haha I can recycle my ancients back to top of deck b) burn haha I can give 5 shields + every round for free c) Jyn haha if you detect my weapons I can still play them

So yeah, it was a meta call, and good one at that. Still I'm surprised that KAM and Anakin haven't won anything earlier (at least to my knowledge).

What's interesting is that I played Pushing Slash only once and that's because Moophisto brought in on himselfe by reminding me about it.

As for the matchups first three were perfect fit for my deck: eYoda/eBail/Jawa (Vader with two shotos, two ancients and a Jar'Kai was too much); eBala/Pyre/Sweeper (they were able to pump a lot of damage, still the shields prevailed); Aphra/Pyre/Colonist/Sweeper (not much history here - sorry Moophisto); eAhsoka/eYoda (this one was the toughest and Gameslayer's play around All In -which I didn't have but might just put at least one - saved me); eAhsoka/eYoda... again (this one was over round one when Ahsoka found herself on a recieving end of like 10 dmg); eJyn/eHan (Han was rolling trash, and Jyn had trouble eating through all the shields and one Vader came out to play it was game over).

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