Poe & Padme

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MoonPai314 19

This is obviously a "Poe" deck with Launch Bay, Millennium Falcon, etc. The game plan is to either utilize big damage to eliminate characters one by one, or simultaneously with Thermal Detonator, or to use a mill engine through discard and Padme's special.

Cunning seems incredible since its special lets t you use Poe or Padme's special depending on what the situation calls for.

Promotion is a little clunky but it does replace itself and can be pitched for more expensive upgrades later.

Everything here is included to either further the combo game or mitigate the opponent's game plan.

Launch Bay and the Falcon are obvious. Thermal Detonator seems like a great pick to deal with multiple non-uniques at once and Diplomatic Immunity can be an "oh s***" button if needed. Realistically, anything you pitch to Poe can be very useful but Bay, Falcon, Thermal and Immunity are the prime candidates.

The battlefield can be either the Emperor's Throne Room or Ship Graveyard.

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