Solo Sabine - 1st Place (20-person Store Champ)

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WotF - Just Sabine! 47 31 37 1.0
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Solo Sabine (commentaires français) 0 0 0 1.0
Solo Sabine 0 0 0 1.0
Sabine la coquine et Rex aime le sexe 0 0 0 1.0
eSabine-ISL 0 0 0 1.0
The OG Sabine - (3rd Place/Top 4, 9-3, San Diego Regionals) 21 9 9 1.0
I got nobody So I do it solo Regional WInner 20 15 0 1.0

RebelSpy 1304

Hey everyone, here’s the list I went undefeated with at my Store Championship. I’ll be talking about it on this week’s episode of Jedi Trials.

R1. Poe2/Leia1/Ezra

R2. Palpatine

R3. Kylo Snoke

R4. Yoda Cassian

Top Cut

R5. Thrawn Snoke

Finals. Kylo Snoke

A few quick notes - even at 25 points this deck feels reall strong, especially against the Snoke decks. I imagine Snoke Cad would be tough but luckily I didn’t play against any. Playing Tenacity on Kylo or Thrawn round 1-2 sets them so far behind.

Infamous was an MVP, money is often plentiful between Maz’s Vault and our Battlefield that dropping this for 1 early isn’t a huge problem and sets up the rest of the game. Infamous > NTMTO won me almost all of my games.

Darksaber was in there just for fun and could easily be something else. You can do some cool stuff with it if you have Infamous and RI out, like play ambush card (trigger RI on playing a card) > activate Sabine > overwrite with Darksaber from discard with ambush > roll > quadruple focus. But that’s the dream scenario and will never happen in real life :)


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rallyesport 1

Congrats @RebelSpy! Beast mode. Jeremy would be proud ;)

netherspirit 32

"You can do some cool stuff with it if you have Infamous and RI out, like activate > Darksaber from discard with ambush > trigger RI on playing a card > roll > quadruple focus. But that’s the dream scenario and will never happen in real life :)"

I'm pretty sure that sequence of events is wrong, you can't trigger RI off of Sabine's ability as it's not an action.

RebelSpy 1304

Haha well bummer. Never actually did that in a game fwiw. I'll add a step in there to make it work.

wynalazca 283

Just play truce in there to trigger RI. The classic.

Ramin2-D2 550

what's the ideal opening hand/round ?

Inception 1

@Ramin2-D2Would depend on opponent's deck. He'll want to see Tenacity early against Thrawn/Kylo

RebelSpy 1304

Yeah depends on the matchup, but usually Hidden Blaster (or other 2-cost), Maz's Vault, Truce, Infamous, Easy Pickings, Crosshairs are all good early. Against Snoke I hard mull for Tenacity.

RonathanPxPx 1

Congrats again, well played. I was the one with the Trawn/Snoke deck. You piloted it well and used your Reversal was timely and killed my momentum at the end.

MaimVoorhees 99

Do I try this out at my SC this weekend? I definitely have Sabine experience, just not solo Sabine.

artyzipp 7

It's a fun deck and it was great to watch you play it yesterday. Nice work!

RybackStun 1

Was at this event and didn't even realize RS was there until the Semis. Glad you ended up taking the event! Thanks again for the box and I look forward to playing you in the future! :D

RebelSpy 1304

@RonathanPxPx You were a great opponent man, hopefully we get to play some more in the future!

@artyzipp Thanks!

@RybackStun Haha my pleasure dude, looking forward to some fun games :)

Hessian Sack 1338

@RebelSpy there's no footage of the event, is there?

RebelSpy 1304

@Hessian Sack Sorry, but there is not

Diehardlurch 1

Congratulations on the win, when is the best time to use running interference in a game now @RebelSpy

aasenb 685

This is the darkest timeline

Mr_Chip 58

First you were a Mill player, and now, you rebroke Sabine. Hmm... I'm sensing a pattern here. Are you ACTUALLY a vegan? Or do you hunt baby seal on the weekend? This deck is brrrrrrrrooooke.

inquistorsz 10

Congrats on the win.

Now with that out of the way, I really hope FFG fix this.
This deck is the ultimate bad play experience. The opponent is a passenger. There's very little that can be done to stop her, even if you build specifically for it.
Extract and Suppressive Fire helps but unless you can action cheat as well as she can't you're going to struggle. Mill and discard only slows her down a little bit since she can play from the discard pile.

I'm keen to hear other people's opinions but she's quickly becoming the Kylo/FN, Poe/Maz, Rey/Han of this set. No player interaction, just chain ambush everything, turn dice and win.

Jabbadewonga 29

Congrats! In regards to Infamous being the MVP - would you consider swapping out an RI for a second? Does Scavenge never shoot you in the foot at all by discarding clutch 3 cost events? Cheers and well done again!

Shayde 38

More OMGHERD anti-Sabine rhetoric. If she was such OP she'd be winning all the tourneys. She doesn't. Doesn't even dominate top 4 cuts. She wasn't dominating and she STILL got nerfbatted.

Good, yes. But there's a lot of good decks.

Lots of props to RebelSpy for finding another way to make her shine.

inquistorsz 10

@Shayde I never said she was winning everything. Thankfully the community generally recognises broken things and doesn't use them much. She struggles against 3 and 4 wide which is another reason she's not dominating every event.

That doesn't mean the deck and the game play are OK. Poor player experience and zero interaction is never good and it's a problem for the game. Her nerf was useless because they gave her a plot that's better than Ezra. You can still pair her with red uniques for leadership.

The point is mass action cheating still sucks. FFG agrees (see Iden Versio - Inferno Squad Commander)

I've seen the deck run locally. Both players feel bad afterwards. I'm talking about bad game experience and things that ruin the fun of destiny not what's winning every tournament (that's bad too but in a different way)

Shayde 38

Poor player experience to you.

It's a poor player experience when you play a mill deck too. But it is there. Even being encouraged.

The game isn't going to be perfect for everyone, but put down the torches and pitchforks and grand generalizations. That makes the game unpleasant for everyone.

triplenine 8

I played Cad/Snoke against one of these last night. I got beat - but only by a little. He hit Cad with tenacity in round 1 and 2. This was hardly NPE. It was a chase. To compare, we were playing trilogy as well and I got beat by two other perfectly fair support decks wherein I would have had a more satisfying experience by just scooping and dancing around like a moron for the next 25 minutes.

Shayde 38

People only really remember when Sabine godrolls. Not the other two rounds when she got the disrupt and blank. :D

Jarmo_p 13

Why not run more plots? Profitable connections or something might help a bit, and costs nothing from a deck building perspective.

the BEAST 1128

@Jarmo_pYou can only have one plot.

iamahnuld 1

If Sabine gets Infamous and Never Tell Me the Odds it quickly becomes solitaire as you watch your opponent auto godroll their way to victory for the amazingly high cost of one resource with nothing you can do about it!

Mill can be fun because there are ways to fight against it. With Sabine you just hope she doesn’t draw good cards.

That isn’t fun. That’s bad design.

GandalfsHat 11

I disagree, @iamahnuld, I had a wonderful time playing against this deck. Granted it was casual, not a tourney, but watching something that shouldn't work WORK was hilarious, and it is fairly beatable, generally three characters do it better, but still. Thrawn - Master Strategist kills this deck, too. Just pick three's every time and you can hand-pick all the good events right out.

iamahnuld 1

You’re right, it’s not unbeatable, @GandalfsHat, It is a tremendously unfun deck to play against that will chase away new players. I’ve learned to play against it but man, it’s just a miserable deck.

vitalis09 331

When i can beat KyloPryce with 11hp know 11hp deck is build right :D