The Tiki Hutt

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Gringorduxo 25

Went 4-1 with this deck and got 4th place in the Dice Commandos Faltering Allegiances launch tournament.

The loss came in the final game against a great player on Vader-Taron. I was able to freeze him out pretty good first round, preventing his ramp, taking just 2 damage and getting an entourage down (with 2 more resources to spare), but I just couldn't push through all the blue villain blank shenanigans. In hindsight, it's probably a matchup where you want to hard milligan for your upgrades (especially pulse cannon, no blank!)...rolling out supports 1 by 1 is brutal against Taron.

That said, I think it's a deck that is a ton of fun to play and that has good matchups into the Tier 1 stuff. In the hands of a better player, it might be Tier 1.5. Could also benefit from a couple better removal options, you can get aggroed down pretty hard.

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