Reylo - Sydney, Australia Prime Winner (CM Legal)

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Updated Reylo list using Covert Missions cards.

Unfortunately we only had 5 players at this prime for various reasons so we decided to do 3 rounds with a Bo3 each round, winner take all.

Palp Jabba: 2-0 Zeb Mace: 2-0 Bane Pratorian Guard: 2-0

Bloodletting feels solid in Reylo, an auto focus each round felt good with not a lot of detriment due to shield shield generation.

I added in Fluid Riposte as I was expecting to play Bane so was just some nice hard removal. Reylo feels good into this match but didn't play into red or yellow versions with a broader mitigation package.

On Guard felt like a great upgrade to Luke's Protection but I could see an argument for either or both.

Nullify is just straight up busted in Reylo and was the MVP in all 6 games.

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Drop it like it's Hutt 166

Great to hear how those CM cards worked for you. They're exactly what I'm looking to swap in. How aggressively do you overwrite upgrades? I typically run 12-13, trying to keep several at one cost. Is this set of 10 ideal in your experience? 834

@Drop it like it's Hutti tend to play light on the upgrades. I've won plenty of games with a naked Kylo and a niman on Rey even though i found that the combo of treasured + bloodletting was pretty good. I like out of hand damage and with bloodletting early, could see myself almost running a no mercy. Pushing Slash is another card i would consider putting back in cause there were lots of times i missed it but its possible it just gets pushed out by better cards.

Drop it like it's Hutt 166

I just realized you're not running Pacify in here. What are your thoughts on that? I feel like Pacify has a variety of uses in Reylo, but maybe you've found you don't need it? 834

@Drop it like it's Hutt nullify is simply just a better alternative to pacify. You could do a split between fluid and pacify but it then comes down to personal preferences. This deck already runs 2 additional pieces of mitigation and could run on the 2 less theoretically.

Echo7 328

Congrats on the win in the first ever CM prime. Do you know what the pecking order was at the end of the tournament (1-5) or at least the runner up lineup? Cheers