Houston Prime Winner - Dragon's Lair 1/4/2020 - Reylo

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This is the deck that I piloted to a prime win this previous Saturday at Dragon's Lair in Houston. We had 37 people show up and our TO Jason Griffin did a great job and the additional prize support/streaming set up by Aegis Broadcasting were awesome.

The deck is pretty standard as far as aggressive Reylo's go. Over time playing the deck I've found that the strength of it is it's ability to quickly chew through an 8 - 10 health character via Kylo specials and strong events and to then stabilize on the back of Rey specials.

I opted for just one Luke's Protection as the only support in the deck to minimize the impact of DM as I expected a good amount of yellow villains in the field. I had previously run the R2D2 support as he has some insane value with special chaining, but getting it blown up before you get any use can be the difference in a game.

For economy, adapt is key in letting you try to drop a two drop upgrade round 1 and play an aggressive event to push in maximum damage hopefully setting up for a quick kill at the top of round 2 via polarity, steadfast, or kylo PA.

Match Recaps:

Rd 1: vs Han3/Poe2. This was a guns deck that focused on dropping a moxie on Poe and abusing his specials. I don't believe my opponent was super familiar with Reylo as he was asking to read the cards before we started, and Kylo specials pretty easily preyed on all the shields he was putting up. Pretty easy win. 1-0.

Rd 2: vs ePhasma2/Mudtrooper/Mudtrooper. Standard red villain guns focusing on lots of rerolls from the mudtrooper ability and the military camp battlefield. Burned down Phasma first and stabilized taking out the first of the mudtroopers before Kylo went down. Rey tanked up and finished it up avoiding any focused fire/intensive fire shenanigans. 2-0.

Rd 3: vs eSnoke/Enfy's Maruader/Phasma2. A different Snoke 3 wide than the one I expected to see (SMM), this one got off to a rough start as my opponent dropped a logistics round one into Entourage, rolled out into 2 resource side, into second entourage, into Fickle Merc. Was an uphill battle from there. A big swing point was deciding to wait on playing a steadfast until later in a round, which then got probe'd and discarded. Snoke ended up living the round with 1 hp left and got off a huge two focus to do a lot of damage to Kylo. Ended the game two damage short and run down by the army of supports. 2-1.

Rd 4: vs eSnoke/Mudtrooper/Mando Super Commando. Can't remember too much about the specifics of this match but managed to hang with this snoke 3 wide much better as there was not a ridiculous amount of stuff ramped out. Got the win needed to keep top cut hopes alive. 3-1.

Rd 5: vs eSnoke/eKallus/Order 66. Sitting down across this I knew a lot of it would come down to does he hit 3f1 on Kallus to snoke the first two rounds and does he draw an Order 66 each round. With 6 in deck he has pretty good odds to see at least one if not two each round. But it does present him with the difficulty of having to sit on two resources to threaten it preventing the ability to drop upgrades or other dice cards. This game came down to the fact that he only saw an order 66 in round 1 and did not see one in round 2 or 3. Kallus went down round 2 and it was easy mope up of snoke after that. Key against O66 is to make sure you aren't just rolling in all your character dice for no reason while they are sitting on two resources. Reylo has the upside of being able to do that pretty easily as you have plenty of extra actions to kill between Bendus, both PA's, etc. 4-1.

Rd 6: vs eChopper/Luke2/Rebel Engineer. Win and in, and when you sit down across from a deck and have several question marks about what it is trying to do late in a tournament is never a good sign. I had an idea that this was gonna be focused on getting mods onto chopper early, into playing a reassemble on a droid support (I believe he ran both Mr Bones and Professor Huyang). I felt like I was in complete control of the game when I managed to kill Chopper at the top of Round 2 before he got to resolve any of his dice after dropping 2 salvaged arms on him. However, my opponent had a sick play, after reassembling Bones out with a grappling arm and both salvaged arms, he hit the 2 base melee. Kylo had 5 damage and full shields, but he was swiftly cut down by a "I performed Violence" pumping the base 2 by 2 and making it unblockable which was further boosted by both salvaged arms. Savage play which almost got him the win. 5-1.

Top 8: vs eC3P0/eChopper/R2D2. 2-0. My opponent has a great write up on the db and over at Coaxium Gaming. It basically boils down to him whiffing on mods both games which puts him at a pretty big disadvantage. My build is made to prey on 8 hp characters and it did its job in both games.

Top 4: vs Plo Koon/Hoth Trooper/Hoth Trooper/Chirpa/Ewok on Arena of Death. This was against my good friend Justin Strickland who is one of Houston's toughest opponents. He had wore me out the night before during testing and gotten me off both Palp2 and Palp3 decks for this tournament. We had gotten two games in on our respective decks the night before and I knew it was winnable but not a sure thing by any means. Game one went poorly as he managed to drop a podracer and swap the battlefield before I could resolve the Bendu's dice for a resource which messed up my round one game plan. I fought to stabilize but ended up falling to a claim claim a few rounds later. Game 2 went much better, I choose to start on Arena of Death after how poorly Bendu's went for me the game before. I put both shields on Rey to prevent a TA coming down following a Plo activation, and despite not dropping an upgrade a steadfast opener led to both a Hoth trooper and an Ewok going down with something like only 2 damage in on his side following the Steadfast. Upon seeing his second round draw, he conceded and we moved on to Game 3. Game 3 started smoother than Game 1 with Bendu's coming in clutch with the 2 shield side and not getting stolen away. My opening hand of Steadfast, Adapt, Adapt, Dagger of Mortis, lead to an interesting start. Of note is the fact that I had steadfast in my opening hand in all 3 of these games which was supremely helpful. After the game we talked about this first round and he said he was trying to conserve his resources but that he should have spent them to play Chain lightning to knock off my shields and prevent both adapts from going off which let me drop dagger on kylo before he rolled out. This first round ended with a dead hoth trooper and a partially dead second trooper. The rest of the game played out with slowly churning through his little guys. He dropped a target acquired on Kylo and had a great rigged detonation play. I rolled out Kylo in his last round alive and he hit blank, discard, resource on dagger which was not the roll I needed. I did take the resource before he went down which let me drop a Rey's Saber on rey giving her full shields and now both 3 cost sabers. The tank between those two shields, Luke's protection, and an occasional rey's special proved enough to weather the storm of his remaining burn cards and claim/claim and I eked out game 3. 2-1.

You can see the finals on Twitch, on the Aegis_Broadcasting channel if you are interested. Finals: vs e4-lom/GG3/Sentinel Messenger. Todd Slater was my opponent and he was super upbeat despite having some terrible luck in these matches. The finals stand out mainly for his very unfortunate draws and my dice rolling hot fire. One roll out that stands out is in game one Kylo hitting 2x, 2x, 2x on 3 dice giving me lethal damage for a GG. He was very close to dead and getting off that huge swing set Rey up to finish off a long SM versus having to take down a character and a half. In that same game, possibly the same round, I conflicted a lone Rey's dice in the pool who had no shields, landed on special, gaining 2 shields, resolved the special to fully load up and rerolled into the 2x to end the round. Game one I put down to him not drawing any big supports until late and rolling hot fire. Game two stands out for what I think was my play of the day. It was late in round 2, my opponent plays No good to me dead on kylo healing him up to only 2 damage done, and getting up to 4 resources. I could tell that he was angling to play a Megablaster Troopers and saw that as his only chance to get back into the game. For context, 4-Lom was dead, Kylo had 2 damage and Rey none, so I feel like I'm in a very strong position. I had resolved most of my dice for the round but had a Kylo dice showing a discard side. I had not used Rey's PA yet so had the decision of whether to run in 2 more damage onto GG who had 1 damage done, or take the hail mary play of resolving discard. My thought process was that I was a game up, and if I hit the 33% chance I pretty much fully lock up game 2 and the prime. I go for it and am lucky enough to hit the MBT. He has nothing to spend his resources on and floats upwards of 7 resources for the next round and a half. From there it was easy clean up with both characters almost fully loaded up. 2-0. Prime winner.

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