Fear Anarchy Maul!

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Rakou Thør 25

A fun build I cooked up(After seeing someone post a standard Build with these 2). The build takes advantage of Maul's PA, by adding in cards that further increasing the Aoe damage output. while also adding cards to increase his single target as well, with Cards like Anarchy, Fear and Dead Men, Light saber throw, Force strike, Force speed, and The power of the force. the biggest draw back to the deck is your literally a glass cannon only 4 mitigation cards and a action from ancient ls. But Idc my main idea for this build "Maul doing Maul things" and for me this deck is a four wide nightmare! I plann to do some more tweeking on the like converting it to the 40/40 single card format. but I if i can 2 Maul and 1 red character and 1 yellow character for even more fun jankage. anyway Try it out tweek leave comment to give me ideas for it.

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