2nd Place Michigan Prime “Vaders’ Ruse”

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famouschamus 75

round one: win Jabba/ePalp

round two: win e3po/r2/Han/plot

round three: win aphra/phasma2/sm/grand design

round four: win Beckett/talzin/profitable

round five: win aphra/phasma2/sm/grand design

round six: lose eChopper/e3po/r2

round seven: win reylo

top cut:

round one: 2:0 aphra/phasma2/sm/grand design

round two: 2:1 eChopper/e3po/r2

round three: 1:2 aphra/eGrevious3/sm

6 комментариев

Izzy2x 130

Very nice!

Atomisk 12

A pretty different build for Greedo/Vader, I appreciate it and you had a great run imo!

Kiwikrautkopf 80

Nice one @famouschamus! Congrats! Rule clarification for myself: Cunning Ruse can't be used on Vader to deal damage to another character right?

Limelite_XD 1

Stunning work! And I just want to add that you can pull an upgrade or support a lot more consistently than people will think. I think I'll go try something similar . . .

famouschamus 75

Cunning ruse is on deals damage to the character that rolled. It’s helpful to get that last damage out because Vader consistently gets characters down to 1 then can’t finish. So that’s what the cards do!

Kiwikrautkopf 80

@famouschamus thx for clarification!