Mother´s fearsome Jedi Hunter! by Kaank.Standart

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Kaan014 33

Hallo Every One! General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg&Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch on the Hunt for Jedi Scum! Im a Big Fan of General Grievous and tryed to create a deck thats designed to make him viable. First of Why should u play him? He has 13 Health,posisible 3 side, an amayzing Power Action&Passive that makes him even more Fearsome and to make him even more attractive a 2 for more control.But no matter how good a Charakter is Star Wars Destiny is still a Luck based card Game and this is where the magic beginns,pairing him with Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch and the Rift Valley - Dathomir.Mother Talzin herself (In my oppinion the best Support for Villians) has the ability to Fix literally any with her activation and if you build around that ability,you put yourself in a really high positioning by knowing your own cards and what they can do for you.And to finish the Line up Retribution is like the Cerry on a Pie for this Deck.Well starting with the and why them?

2x Chance Cube ,1x Crystal Ball and 2x Stifle -for more and control ability.

2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol,2x Energy Bow,2x Hunting Rifle,1x Fragmentation Grenade,1x Dagger of Mortis and 2x Lightsaber-The cheap for General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborgs Power Action and the Dagger of Mortis&Lightsaber (for his collection ;D joke) for some huge Dmg.

2x Deflect&2x The Force Is With Me-against the Vehicle over & dmg.

2x Feel Your Anger& 1x Browbeat-some removel.

2X Force Illusion,2x Rise Again&2x Witch Magick-For some Huge sustain,because without General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg this deck will have hard times.

1x Rift Valley - Dathomir&1x Retribution-More removel with the & Retribution to ping Dmg.

1x Tactical Mastery&1x Furious Assault-Late Game Finisher or Dmg burst if they claim faster and General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg is loadet wiith plenty of .

Odd is the way to go!The deck has 27 odd & 3even , wich means triggering Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch,Rift Valley - Dathomir&Witch Magick without any problem.The Deck it self is mega Fun and some thing different, its worth a try.I hope u guys enjoyed my Profile and leave a like or ask questions.

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Ramin2-D2 525

Rise Again seems lame in this, are you really trying to heal Talzin?

definitely a second Tactical Mastery. and maybe fit in Force Speeds (even though they are even)

Miket1100 233

I'd rather have a Z6 Riot Control than the OG lightsabers and I agree about Rise Again. But otherwise this is looking pretty good. I'm going to be trying this out

Darth_JarJar - CloudCityCasuals 317

I like it! Only major change I'll make is take out the lightsabers and put in Crafted Lightsaber. Crafteds should be in every blue Grievous deck. Since he ignores all play restrictions, he doesn't have to be exhausted to play the crafteds on him

Kaan014 33

@Ramin2-D2 and @Miket1100 you guys ar definitly right mates i didn t really thought about the blue only* to provide the Big.I recomend to cut out the 2x Rise Again and rather put 1x Tactical Mastery and a At Odds for some late game dmg and recovering removel. Z6 Riot Control Baton is a really strong Card played it in FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper deck of mine and technically its way better then the ordinary Lightsaber, but it has one aditionally and no to hurt spamming shield decks.Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch can turn the Lightsaber side to safe 3 or to the side if u need to.@CloudCityCasuals tossing in 2x Crafted Lightsaber or even 1 is allways good on General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg but keep in mind the high amount of cheap Weapons and the construct of an Odd nummbered deck to trigger Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch and Rift Valley - Dathomir.Thanks for your comments mate by the way!

the BEAST 1008

I Know they don't redeploy but perhaps Maul's Lightsaber and Darth Vader's Lightsaber could work.

Kaan014 33

@the BEAST then not the strongest in the netire game yeah they would work, but no redeploy..... :/