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Nikhil 211

For a change of pace, I tried making a simple but effective aggressive deck for the Trilogy format. Control your opponent's draws with Jyn, while playing an efficient weapon on Luke. Feel free to discard to reroll as much as necessary, playing 0 cost cards while spending resources on Luke's Power Action. It's easy to do 10 damage in round 1 without playing a single card, enough to take out a lot of characters. Any bigger character can quickly be finished off in round 2, especially if you set up a Cannon or Hidden Blaster in round 1. Insight is excellent in the opening hand to help you find a weapon to start with.

There's plenty of cheap cards to deal with god rolls as well, so you should outpace even Vader by simply forcing rerolls on any 3 or 4 dice. If your opponent wants shields (which they probably do), claiming Dry Fields in round 1 gives you enough to toss down a Mobilize or Jyn Blaster the following round, which is all you need to pound punks like Snoke into the ground. In the off chance you aren't facing a slower deck, Dex's Diner, A99 Aquata Breather + Crash Landing, and Luke's Protection can help you stay healthy.

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Luke_Skywalker 365

I’d go with theed Palace, power action that resource turn1

Nikhil 211

That could also work to help get Mobilize or Jyn's Blaster in round 1. I felt like really pushing my opponent to pick their own battlefield with this build so they don't get shields, hence the generally awful Dry Fields.

Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 327

I know this is a trillogy deck but if you ever make a Standard version of it, Secret Mission would be stupid good with Jyn

Ramin2-D2 525

i think First Aid might be worth it. since people will probably target Jyn.

Ramin2-D2 525

if resources are limited, try Scrap Heap (is that Trilogy?)

Carraminana 89

Scrap Heap its a must free money each turn without taking additional actions

Bigulf 718

I love the deck concept, thank you.

Lord_Moldywart 1

What a cool deck! Thanks for sharing.

Nikhil 211

@Ramin2-D2``@Carraminana True, Scrap Heap is a must have with Jyn! I'd cut the Crackdowns for them, since you aren't going to play Crackdown in round 1, but Scrap will pay for itself immediately.

Dapper421 1

I playtested this deck extensively and it's an awesome fun deck! I lost to kylo/pryce and hero vehicles. Its no A-tier but it is fast, and very fun!!

dpuck1998 46

I really wish people would hyperlink cards when they comment. just type # then the card name.

ShadowLink 55

Hey what’s up with the Armed Escort?

Nikhil 211

@ShadowLink It's just a crappy 3rd copy of Crash Landing - this deck needs all the 2 cost cards it can get.

@Ramin2-D2I missed your comment about First Aid - it's not here mainly because it costs 1, but it's probably better than Dex's Diner at least as long as Luke is alive.

maxwell9999 31

This looks cool! Have you found this to be enough weapons? What about throwing in a couple more 2 cost guns or sabers? Have the A99 Aquata Breather's been worth it?