Rebeltrooper's Vehicle Junkyard

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Rebeltrooper 964

This deck was designed to have fun with destiny! This deck runs off the acolyte's ability to produce resources. If you draw a falcon or u wing you should be able to get it in play turn 1 with ease. This deck surprises your opponent who is not really sure what to expect until it see's that vehicle drop or the bowcaster. The goal of this deck is to manipulate damage while you use your three characters to produce resources. All your damage comes from your vehicles or the dl-44/bowcaster. Your goal should be to get a vehicle out and then set up second chance, if you can get second chance in play it allows you to get an extra turn from 1-3 vehicles which is a load of potential damage. I am still playing with the removal in this deck as well as the upgrades, I think the ammo belts can come out but I have changed this deck around a lot since conception and really enjoy playing it. I think it can be optimized to be somewhat competitive, although the health pool is so small for 3 characters it has 0 chance of winning a SC. I'm not advocating for this deck to be played competitively, but am saying that this deck brings out the fun of the back and forth style action that we all fell in love with. It also wins. Have fun, change it around, these characters have been the best combination so far. You have to have red in this deck, because of U wing/c3p0/our only hope and the acolyte really makes the deck run. Aco/emaz/ackbar doesn't work the way this version does. snap and maz are heavy targets that let the acolyte live til they figure out its too late.


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