Rebel Rim Snap

Симулятор раздачи карт
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Ничего. Это самодельная колода.
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Rebel Rim Snap 1 1 1 2.0

cazro 27

Something I want to try to see if good. Published to more easily show people.

Mainly want to test out Outpost with Carbon-freezing Chamber. Cunning in there to possibly add another 2 die to the Chamber. That's how that is supposed to work right?

Snap makes it harder for people to claim the battlefield and Planetary Uprising is there obviously since Snap makes it more likely for me to claim.

It would be nice to get a Training on the Commando.

The damage sides of the dice are decent as well.

Cunning would also be able to use the specials on Rocket Launcher and Commando for free if Outpost isn't out yet.

26 total health.

Suggestions welcomed.

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redherring13 59

If you have them, you need some holdout blasters and also fast hands. Probably good to use the card All In as well to resolve all your dice at once so you can have more options to claim the battlefield to remove one of their character dice for next round if Outpost doesn't roll special.