ePoe eMaz Action cheating rush (Noisy Cricket)

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kibakiri 25

So this is about action cheating.

The idea is you want to roll in Poe, then roll in Maz and use her focus to resolve one of his dice, in either the form of a special, or a 3 damage.

Looking to get at least 1 3 damage out of Poe's dice.

If you lose the battlefield, stick shields on Maz. If your opponent is running the same battlefield, and you win the roll, stick shields on Maz.

A good player will focus Poe, so you generally want to stick resource gen ( Maz's goggles specifically ), and fast hands on Poe. Stick damage on Maz, unless you got some redeploy for Poe.

Hit and run allows you to basically finish your turn in 1 action. ( Hit and run on Poe, activate Maz, and use her special on Poe's dice.

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